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SCULPTURE: Poetry in Steel

Oct 10 2012 - 12:00pm
Nov 13 2012 - 3:00pm

A collection of recent abstract sculptures executed in welded steel by Water Mill sculptor Don Saco

Gallery hours: Monday - Saturday 12 - 4 PM

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 13 from 4 - 6 PM

This is Don Saco’s third one-man show at the Cultural Center, his 18th in a career spanning over fifty years.

The works in the current show were all executed within the last two years. We are familiar with his soaring steel forms that appear to defy their earthbound roots and move effortlessly with a sense of lyricism in open space. The dynamic surge of his silent sculptured forms continues to be driven by music and musical motifs.

Inspiration for many of the newer pieces in the current exhibition derive from the enchanting ballet studies of dancers by photographer Andrea Mohin that appear regularly in the Arts section of The New York Times. The fragility and gracefulness of movement in ballet captured in her exquisite photographs defy description, and while a link with a medium such as forged steel may seem paradoxical, they are captured in these welded sculptures graphically and with poetic sensitivity.

Also exhibited, and in a departure from the curvilinear language of his customary sculptural expression, is a series of smaller two-dimensional pieces grouped under the generic title, “Totems”. They are vertical compositions of flat rectangular, square, and varied geometric steel shapes. As if in compensation for the loss of one dimension, he has added color to these whimsical pieces.

“Don is an artist whose work, whether figurative or abstract, draws from the same authentic inner source. In both mediums he communicates with equal power and effectiveness, and as viewers and collectors we are responsive to both. “ James Villas, author, Easthampton, NY


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